T-REX and S-REX Cutterheads

Designed for 100kW up to 12000 kW cutter power. These cutterheads are equipped with third generation cutting system with replaceable adapter. They are based on many years of experience and latest state of the art computing tools like CFD, FEM, CAD CAM and also in house developed software for analyzing cutterheads. Our T-REX cutterheads come in different versions, but they have one thing in common lowest cost per m3.

T-REX Rock Cutterheads

The T-REX rock cutterheads come with 5 or 6 blades and are equipped with heavy duty T-series tube adapters which give perfect protection to the blades and also allow to change tooth spacing if required.

apt cutting t-rex sand clay mp

T-REX Sand/Clay/MP Cutterheads

The T-REX Sand/Clay/MP Cutterheads come with 5 or 6 blades and are equipped with T-series wing adapters which give optimum scoping effect, protection of the blades and allow to change tooth spacing.

T-REX Milling Cutterheads

The T-REX Milling Cutterheads are custom designed rock cutterheads with 6 up to 10 blades, and unique tooth lacing patterns that allow your CSD to work in much harder rock.

apt cutting t-rex milling

S-REX Sand/Clay/MP Cutterheads

The S-REX Sand/Clay/MP Cutterheads are equipped with wing adapters with CAP type tooth system.

S-REX Straight Edge Cutterhead

These cutterheads come with 6-9 blades. Suitable for bulk production in soft material and in soil with roots. The special tooth from a smooth self-sharpening edge

apt cutting sme cutterheads

SME Cutterheads

These cutterheads have wear resistant edges welded to the arms. They are especially suitable for maintenance work.