Cutting Systems

APT Cutting designs and supplies latest state of the art tooth systems and cutterheads for any size of cutter dredger and for all possible applications. From excavating sand and clayish soils to fresh rock. Our passion for cutterheads and our thrive for reliability, swift reply and easy personal contacts will be of great help to your needs. To produce the products we are working with strong partners that share the same values and have decades of experience in producing cutterheads and tooth systems.

Our focus

Dredging is basically removing material from the sea bottom and bring it to another location. In case of cutterdredger the material is excavated by cutterheads. Our focus is completely on cutterheads and everything directly related to it. 

What we do

We supply and design cutterheads and cutting systems and related products and services. We do this closely together with first class partners. We work with in house developed software to analyze cutterhead behavior in addition to high end FEM /CFD programs.

Our drive

Is to be the best possible supplier for your cutterhead needs and challenges. Whether it is for the largest self-propelled cutterdredger or the smallest CSD and for any type of soil.

Products and Solutions

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Tooth Systems

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