MPC04 Cutterheads

This tooth on blade type cutterhead is chosen by many OEM’s of cutter dredgers as the standard cutterhead for all sizes up to CSD500. lt is also the most chosen cutterhead by end users as replacement for older types . The MPC04 cutterheads offer the lowest cost per m3 for dredgers with cutter powers up to 170kW. The MPC04 teeth are directly mounted on the blades with a corresponding prism shape which guarantees a tight fit. Standard bolt/nut/ring can be used.

MPC04.01 Tooth

When equipped with the MPC04.01 tooth the cutterhead is suitable for practically all soils ranging from mud up to stiff clay.

MPC04.00 Tooth

When equipped with the MPC04.00 tooth the cutterhead is perfect for soils with roots.