Tooth Systems for Dredging

The cutterheads are equipped with patented tooth systems which are designed / developed by the APT Cutting staff in close co-operation with its partner Combi Wear Parts and the leading dredging contractors. APT Cutting has 30 years of experience in such development. APT Cutting has a wide range of sizes and types of cutting systems available. These systems are constantly improved based on customer experience while maintaining full interchangeability with all parts produces. Special tooth designs can be made on request.

T-Series Tooth Systems

The patented T-series are the bench mark for dredge cutting systems for rotating cutterheads. They have unbeaten useable wear weight to own weight ration. Is extremely forgiving and has a hammerless locking that allows rapid toot change.

apt cutting tooth systems t series

SC-Series Tooth Systems

The SC-series is a cap type tooth system that is widely proven, perfect for sand / clay application on rotating cutterheads and also for use on dragheads for hopper dredgers. Locking are of sandwhich pin type.

C3 Tooth Systems

For the combination of hard rock and high wear C3 tooth have been developed with casted in hard metal core. This innovative solution has been developed with Sandvik.